How Common Are Fire and Smoke Damage After a Fire in a Residential Property?

A fire in a home is really a horrible sight. Luckily, most of the damages right after the flames have already been put out is due to the soot residues and smoke. Soot and smoke are actually much easier to restore compared to removing burned and scorched property, however, it actually does time patience and time to completely get rid of it.  

Fire and Smoke Damage 

One item that homeowners tend to forget about after or before fire damage to their residential property is their HVAC system or their air conditioning and heating unit. It might not be necessary to have your HVAC system cleaned after a fire, however, it should be inspected in order to make sure that it will not become a threat to your family. If your HVAC system is turned on and has residue inside, it’s extremely possible that it will contaminate your entire home in just a matter of a few minutes.   

Fortunately, professional and highly skilled fire restoration services know exactly what they are doing to keep you and your family safe. In this article, we have listed some important questions so that you will know how to properly inspect your HVAC system as well as to clean and repair it if there are any soot residue or smoke. While this can be done by an average homeowner, we strongly suggest that you hire a professional and experienced fire damage restoration expert to inspect and restore your residential property.  

  1. How close was the residential fire to your furnace unit or HVAC vents?
  2. Did smoke enter either your system’s return sides or the supply?
  3. How long did it burn? Was your HVAC system in operation at the time the residential fire was active?

As a matter of fact, these questions can truly help you determine just how likely there’s contamination, how extensive it may be, as well as the type of residue. You should also never assume that there’s no contamination since the HVAC unit was off. In addition to that, an active fire develops air pressure that can force smoke into your HVAC system, most especially if it burns long enough. This is the reason why a professional and thorough inspection is very important since it provides you with the right information you need in order to answer all underlying questions as well as a develop a dependable and solid fire damage restoration plan with the help of an expert fire damage restoration company.   

Are the mechanical components of your HVAC system damaged? Do these components need replacement? If so, then the professional technicians of a reputable fire damage restoration company can be able to service all kind of HVAC units. For certain brands, it might be necessary that you only call the most experienced and skilled fire damage restoration contractors.  

This process is definitely not simple. However, restoring the HVAC unit in your house is considered as the final step needed before you can consider your home safe after a fire damage. This is the reason why it’s really best that you hire a professional and dependable fire damage restoration expert 

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